Here’s it.

When does an individual become a body
When does a body disembody
When this a body does some body
When does it really really hurt?
Pain is individual.
A cut made in the middle.
Male thoughts.
Air mail.
Three days later, upon arrival.
A package.
Nothing but.
Hear, he said, hear is my ear.
It it. And her.
What is there to say about her
What did she say
Said, nothing.
At least nothing audible to the naked ear.
At least not something, or anything, he could
When does an ear stop learning
When does a body stop leaning
When does life leave life
When does love live life
When does it feel like time left
Or the exact opposite.
Pain is a stain on any complexion.
Does somebody care about that body
Or is that body just somebody
What does a body to somebodies
When is a body just a burden
What do birds care
What is that burden for a bird
What do others think
What do others thoughts think
What body cares about its own
Or those.
Them, never?
Here – he said, to her.
Female thoughts.

Her ears were present, but they did not listen.

Hanne Lippard